Pest Control Services In Carrollton TX
Pest Control

Pest Control Services, Carrollton, TX

Pest control services focus on prevention, suppression and/or eradication of unwanted pests. Preventive treatments are much less costly than addressing severe infestations that have already occurred.

Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), pest control professionals will form a partnership with their clients to help keep pests away for good. Whenever possible, they will recommend methods that are least hazardous to people and pets.

Pest Identification

Pest identification is the first step in a successful pest control program. It allows you to determine basic information about a pest, such as its life cycle and time of year of infestation. Proper identification allows for the selection of management tactics that will be most effective at controlling the pest and reducing damage to your property or crops.

During the initial inspection, your specialist will examine areas that are prone to pest infestations. These include garages, entry points, attics and kitchens. Prior to your technician’s arrival, make sure these areas are clear so that they have unobstructed access. Also, don’t forget to remove any food or dirty dishes from the area as these can attract pests.

Many pests have specialized mouthparts that enable them to target specific plant parts. For example, caterpillars of certain butterflies and moths, and the larval or adult stages of beetles attack a variety of host plants by chewing or sucking on their leaves, flowers or fruit. In addition, some pest species have adapted to attack crop plants only at a certain stage of development or under particular environmental conditions.

When correctly identified, many pests can be controlled with non-chemical tools such as sanitation or trapping, rather than by chemical treatments. These tools are generally safer for the environment, people and pets, and can be more cost-effective than insecticidal controls.

It’s important to remember that natural forces like climate, weather, beneficial organisms, and barriers to pest movement influence all organism populations. These forces may aid or hinder pest control efforts, depending on their effects on the host, natural enemies, food sources and shelter availability, and physical obstacles.

Pest control professionals should keep a file of labelled digital images of pests sampled, by year, season and crop, to help them quickly identify a particular pest when it appears. This will allow them to use the appropriate control measures in a timely manner, before population levels get out of hand and damage crops or property. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies depend on accurate pest identification, especially through “field scouting,” or monitoring of insect pests and crop development.

Entry Point Inspection

Your Pest Control Services In Carrollton TX technician will walk around the exterior of your home, checking for possible points of entry. These may include cracks in the foundation or walls, gaps where vent pipes enter the house, areas around air conditioning ducts, and more. In addition, they will look for signs of critters in your yard and surrounding area. This includes droppings, burrows, and gnawed surfaces.

If your yard is cluttered with debris or has trees close to the house, these can provide places for rodents to hide and find shelter. They will also check for clogged gutters, and recommend clearing out overhanging branches. They will also inspect the roof for holes or a cracked or loose roof surface. Lastly, they will check for any open-top chimneys or vents, which can allow rats to access the house.

While some entry points may be more obvious than others, a trained pest control professional can identify the most common ones, such as a damaged foundation vent, chewed dormer corners or gaps along the mud sill. They can then seal these points to prevent a rodent invasion.

Rodents can chew through some very tough materials, but they don’t need to create new holes to crawl into a home; existing easy-to-climb openings are enough for them. That’s why it’s important to close up even small holes in your walls and other parts of the home. Small holes can be stuffed with steel wool, while larger ones can be sealed with caulk or copper mesh.

Other potential entry points include damaged vent covers and grating, overgrown shrubs, a chimney without a grate or cap, and small holes drilled for wiring. Your Pest Control Services In Carrollton TX technician will check all of these areas to ensure they are adequately sealed.

Exterior Inspection

Exterior inspection is an examination of the outside of a property, including the roof and chimney, walls, siding, gutters, fascia, soffit, and the ground and lot area. The inspector will count the number and condition of exterior doors, noting observable damage such as cracks, rot and decay.

An exterior property inspection can also reveal secondary evidence of pest infiltration, such as cracks and settling. It can also highlight problems that may not be visible, such as whether the soil is in excessively close contact with the foundation wall (an inviting environment for wood-destroying insects) and if any trees are too close to the house or other structures on the property.

The inspector will check the general state of the landscaping and any coverings, such as decks or porches, as well as whether the grounds are graded to drain water away from the structure. The inspector will NOT operate screens, storm windows or shutters or inspect awnings, fences or sheds. The inspector will also NOT be required to examine or operate any solar, wind or geothermal systems.